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jiggly_tuna's Journal

Mona's Graphics
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Clare aka Mona. 18 years old. 6th December 1990. Lancashire. England. Brown hair. Brown eyes. Sagittarius. 5'5".
Cookies. Biscuits. Jaffa Cakes. Rain. Cinemas. Shopping. London. Ireland. France. Theatre.
Autumn. Snow. Animals. Paint Shop Pro. Drawing. Writing. Clouds. The Moon. Muffins. Jasper Hale. Popcorn. And Banana, of course.
BBC Robin Hood. Twilight. Harry Potter. Desperate Housewives. Disney. One Tree Hill. Heroes. Lost.
The OC. Doctor Who. Torchwood. Buffy. Friends. Waterloo Road. The Chronicles of Narnia. Skins.
Neighbours. The Tudors. Lion King. Pirates of the Caribbean. Hairspray. Mamma Mia. House MD. Wicked.
refuted for my layout.
ecenoci for my profile layout

adrian pasdar, alice cullen, alice/jasper, allan a dale, america, anjali jay, anna popplewell, annaleigh ashford, art, ashley greene, autumn, beach, bella swan, ben barnes, billie piper, books, buffy, burn gorman, captive state, carlisle cullen, catherine tate, chandler bing, chicago, chronicles of narnia, claire bennet, clouds, courtney cox arquette, david schwimmer, david tennant, desperate housewives, dianne pilkington, disney, djaq, doctor who, donna noble, edmund pevensie, edward cullen, elizabeth swan, emma watson, emmett cullen, esme cullen, evangeline lily, eve myles, family guy, fantasy, france, freema agyeman, friends, gareth david-lloyd, georgie henley, gordon kennedy, gryffindor, guy of gisborne, gwen cooper, harry lloyd, harry potter, hayden panettiere, hermione granger, heroes, house md, hugh laurie, ianto jones, ireland, jack harkness, jack shepard, jack sparrow, jackson rathbone, jacob black, james mcavoy, jasper hale, jasper/alice, jennifer aniston, joe armstrong, joe kennedy, joey tribbiani, john barrowman, john simm, johnny depp, jonas armstrong, josh holloway, kate austen, keira knighley, keith allan, kellen lutz, kerry ellis, kristen stewart, lisa kudrow, little john, london, lord of the rings, lost, lucy griffiths, lucy pevensie, mamma mia, marian, martha jones, matt le blanc, matthew fox, matthew perry, milo ventimiglia, monica geller, much, musicals, naoko mori, nathan petrelli, neighbours, nikki reed, nottingham, oliver tompsett, one tree hill, orlando bloom, owen harper, paint shop pro, peter petrelli, peter pevensie, phoebe buffay, pirates, pirates of the caribbean, prince caspian, rachel green, rain, richard armitage, robert pattinson, robin hood, ron weasley, rosalie hale, rose tyler, ross geller, rupert grint, sam troughton, sawyer, scotland, sex and the city, sheriff of nottingham, shopping, skander keynes, subway, susan pevensie, sylar, the lion king, the oc, the simpsons, torchwood, toshiko sato, twilight, vampires, wicked, will scarlett, will turner, william moseley